POA History

Around the year 1632, whale men from New England & Long Island settled on the sandy bluffs along the Delaware Bay shore. Among these settlers were Joseph Whilden & his wife Hannah Gorham, grandchild of John Howland, the Mayflower pilgrim. This location is now called Town Bank.

The Property Owners Association was established in 1932 & incorporated on May 14, 1936. The aims of the Association at the time were to perform the following functions:

  • To own, maintain, improve, beautify and keep the beaches & parks of Cape May Beach N.J.
  • To maintain, improve, and beautify the streets, roads, avenues in said Cape May Beach
  • To own, operate & maintain a club or community house for the social, civic & recreational purposes for the benefit of the members of the Association.

Many improvements to our neighborhood were made possible through the efforts of the association members. Paved streets, street lights & the beginnings & formation of our Town Bank Fire Department, just to mention a few.

As the years passed, many of the original aims of the Association were taken over by the Township. Our aims have been changed to the following:

  • To act as a civic association
  • To provide social goodwill
  • To work in group strength with the Township for such things as road repair, police protection, & other such matters that our members may feel attention should be given for the betterment of the community.

(Written by past president Tony Jurvic in the 1980s)

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